Druids' Marketplace--access for non-OBOD members

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Druids' Marketplace--access for non-OBOD members

Postby Selene » 04 Mar 2007, 07:34

The Druids' Marketplace, formerly open for posting only by OBOD members, has been expanded to allow certain non-OBOD board members to participate. If you have been a board member for at least a year and have made at least 100 posts, you are eligible to join a the Druids' Marketplace usergroup, which will grant permission for posting in the Marketplace.

To join, click the Usergroups link at the top of the page, select "Druids' Marketplace" from the list and click "join this group." After verifying your qualifications, you'll be added to the group by the moderator. You may also contact the moderator or an administrator directly to request access.

Another change is that the forum is no longer read-only; replies and discussion are now permitted.

Before posting there, please read the rules announcement at the top of the Druids' Marketplace forum index page.
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Re: Druids' Marketplace--access for non-OBOD members

Postby Ade Sundog » 23 Mar 2010, 14:35


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