Concerning Quotes: Please Read

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Concerning Quotes: Please Read

Postby Kat Lady » 11 Jun 2007, 02:51

Hello everyone!

Our Tech Admins have requested that we remind you that if you are quoting from another person’s post that you delete what you don’t really need quoted, especially the uploaded pictures. The excess only adds to the size of the database and slows it down. In addition, we have many members that still use “dial-up” and this makes it very difficult for them to access some of the threads in a decent timeframe.

For more posting suggestions see “How to Use this Message Board:”

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kat Lady for the Site and Tech Admins
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Re: Concerning Quotes: Please Read

Postby Selene » 29 Mar 2008, 00:28

I'd like to call everyone's attention to this again. Please, when you're quoting someone, remove the irrelevant portions and just leave the part to which you are actually responding. It takes up a lot of vertical space in threads to repeat entire posts and, database issues aside, it's just courteous to others to be concise when possible.

Thanks for your cooperation.
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