6 Ways Drumming heals body, mind and soul

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6 Ways Drumming heals body, mind and soul

Postby ebhadh » 24 Mar 2015, 22:18

Dear Folks,

I found this interesting article today, on the benefits of drumming! So here is link - hope it connects okay.

Bright blessings
Ebhadh :) :smgrove:
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Re: 6 Ways Drumming heals body, mind and soul

Postby Aine Ceiswyr » 09 May 2015, 04:31

Greetings Ebhadh

Thank you for sharing the link - it worked OK. We use drumming at my work location as a therapeutic and developmental tool. I love drumming. I few months ago we started a more specific use of drumming for individualized therapeutic work, (following some additional specific training). To date the evaluation is positive from participants.

I will share the link with my colleagues.

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