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Argenta--A Prayer for Brighid
wyeuro--naming ceremony
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Postby Earthwoman » 28 Dec 2010, 11:20

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Postby Argenta » 13 Jan 2011, 05:47

A Prayer for Brighid

Blessed Brighid burning bright
Protect my path with your pure light

Flame the awen in my head
And let me bring it forth by hand

Tend the spark of love in my hearth
Kindle truth and wisdom in my heart

Beloved Lady filled with light
Lead me safely by your beacon bright

I recite this prayer in the early morning, at the start of my day, lighting a white candle for Brighid before any other lights are lit in my house, and do a short meditation afterwards. I put the candle out when the sun rises. It is a very simple but effective way of beginning my day with awareness.

Brighid bless,
I am not young enough to know everything. (O.W.)

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Postby Heddwen » 15 Jan 2011, 14:52


In nature at this time, the Earth is re-newing Herself - the Light is returning, bud and tender leaf emerge in a Dance of Re-birth. At this quickening of the year, inspiration and possibility are our watchwords. It is the perfect time to renew and reaffirm our intentions.

Place your altar in the North, decorate it in white. Choose spring flowers - snowdrops and crocuses. Burn rose incense. Place crystals and 9 white nightlights on the altar.
Find an image of Brigid to represent the Maiden in yourself.

Light Quarter candles and all others apart from 9 nightlights..

Cast the circle, stating your intention to Reaffirm and call in the Elemental Spirits.

Call Brigid into the Sacred Space as Goddess of Healing, Smith craft, Poetry and Bards.

Light the 9 nightlights and say: I am igniting a blaze of Light in the darkness, to kindle the Coming of the Spring. I (name) dedicate myself to the Goddess as ( dancer, poet, gardener, mother, father, Bard). I invite Brigid to witness and bless this affirmation.

Bless yourself using rose essential oil and mark your 3rd eye chakra with a pentagram, visualising yourself as you wish to be - strong, productive, wise, fulfilled and with purpose in your life. Use chant, song or music to raise energy , taking your image of yourself out into the world.

Ground yourself, bidding farewell and thanks to Brigid and the Elemental Spirits, offering a libation of ewe’s milk to the Earth.


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Postby wyeuro » 21 Jan 2011, 08:14

naming ceremony

namee: person to receive new name.
celebrant: a qualified person.
presenter: (person of your choice)
anamchara (proxy); (your choice)

a blessing bag.
incense or a smudge bundle in north.
small font of water in west.
crystal, smooth stone, or small container of earth in south

it is assumed that all participants will be in their positions in the circle at the beginning of this rite. the circle will have been cast and the opening ceremony completed ready for the beginning of this rite.

ritualist: now this/here will be a ceremony to bestow upon (old name) his/her new name.

celebrant moves to a position in the south east, symbolising rebirth and the future. the presenter and the namee stand together in the east just outside the circle.

celebrant: welcome bards, ovates and druids, and guests in the apparent world, to this ceremony for the bestowal of a new name on our well-loved friend and
fellow druid (or appropriate). welcome also to all grove members and guests and friends, and to our guests in the invisible worlds, and to the holy
ones of the sacred grove. may the blessings and goodwill of all be upon this sacred rite of naming.

rituallist: let the one to be named be presented!

(the presenter leads the namee into the circle, to stand side by side in front of the the celebrant.)

presenter: i present to you one who is known in the outer world as (old name), a bard, and ovate and a druid of the order of bards, ovates and druids, (or other
appropriate intro) for the bestowal of his/her chosen name.

all: we welcome you, (old name), well-loved friend and companion in the grove (or other as appropriate). may your life be blessed.

celebrant: what is the name that you have chosen?

the namee: with the consent and blessing of the (appropriate) spirit, and with the inspiration of the (appropriate deity or deva), i wish to be known henceforth
in the grove and in the sacred circle by the name, “new name”. (she may his/here add a few words of his/her own to explain his/her choice and
some points of interest about it.)

celebrant: all names are magical charms, and they generate enchantments that may deeply effect our spirituality, our way of being in the world. until now, you
have been known in the circle as (old name), and we have known you under the enchantment of that name. now you have chosen a new name, with
its own magic spell, and in the presence of many well-wishers, i now invite your body, mind, soul and spirit to cast off the old enchantment, with love
and gratitude for all it has done for you in the past, and to claim with gladness and confidence your new self-chosen name.

(the namee kneels and bows his/her head.)

celebrant: in kneeling you become like a small child, receptive to change, trusting and alert. (strikes him/her three times with a birch wand or similar).
(new name) in your body, (new name) in your soul, (new name) in your spirit! in the sacred grove, and the inner grove and this grove in the
apparent world, i affirm that you are (new name)!

(the namee stands.)

celebrant: let (new name) receive the blessings of the four quarters. (presenter leads his/her to each of the quarters in turn.)

east (blows with druid breath on (new name’s) forehead): in the name of the east and the element of air i bless and confirm you in your new name.

north (smudges (new name’s) aura with incense or smudge): in the name of the north and the element of fire i bless and confirm you in your new name.

west (laves (new name’s) forehead with water): in the name of the west and the element of water i bless and confirm you in your new name.

south (touches (new name)’s forehead with crystal or earth): in the name of the south and the element of earth i bless and confirm you in your new name.

(presenter leads (new name) back to celebrant)

celebrant: with his/her new name, (new name) has proclaimed a new spiritual identity, and must now share this with his/her anam chara. who will speak and
act in this ritual for (new name)’s anam chara ?

anam chara proxy: i will speak and act for (new name)’s anam chara. (embraces (new name)). i am (name of anam chara, if known, otherwise just 'your
anamchara'). i undertake to guide you, inspire you, protect you and love you. i am your guardian, counsellor and friend. do not doubt my steadfast
loyalty, my ready hand to your defence and protection, my true and abiding love. (proxy may add words ad lib, intuitively here, as medium or
'channel' if feeling confident of a true connection.)

namee: i give thanks to you, anam chara. i will trust and love you and learn your wise ways. i undertake to be always worthy of my name and of your

celebrant: let there now be a meditation for (new name), while we farewell the old name and feel for the spirit of the new name to fix it in our minds and

(all meditate.)

celebrant: that concludes this naming ceremony. may the holy ones of the sacred grove, the beings of the invisible worlds, and the people and beings of this
circle be thanked for their blessings and their participation. ( while this speech is made, presenter opens blessing bag and leads namee deosil round
the circle to receive gifts, blessings, and hugs. celebrant and anam chara proxy return to their place in the circle. after completing the circuit, namee
and presenter do likewise. )

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Postby Earthwoman » 27 Jan 2011, 02:03

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