problems with the change of the email.

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problems with the change of the email.

Postby EthereaMoon » 23 Dec 2010, 16:33

I hope this is the right place to get help. I've mistaking myself in changing the email adress of my account Eruannie. I've spelled it wrong and so I can activate my account anymore. i'm so sorry ad to get help I've registerd againg this the email I wanted to use. I've had the access to the bard board and the christian path one. Tell me how i can manage this thing ... if you delete this registration and change my old address with this one ... if i can continue with this registration sending again information fot gaining access to the bards members board.

So sorry.

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Re: problems with the change of the email.

Postby Selene » 24 Dec 2010, 04:29

No problem--just send me a PM with the e-mail address you want to use and I'll update the Eruannie account so you can continue using it.

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