TIP: How To Upload A Picture Or Document With Your Message

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TIP: How To Upload A Picture Or Document With Your Message

Postby John T. Folden » 04 Sep 2007, 23:36

How To Upload A Picture Or Document With Your Message:

If you wish to include a picture (or other document) in your post, you may add it as an attachment as follows;

1) In the message window, look for a section titled "Upload attachment" below the main Message body entry box.
2) Click on "Choose File" and you should see a file browser window that will allow you to navigate to and choose a file stored locally on your computer.
3) Once you have chosen the file, it should then be listed under the "Upload Attachment" section. You can then proceed to add a file comment, if you wish, and finally click on "Add The File". This will upload the file to the message board and attach it to your posting.
4) If you wish to add another file to the same posting then go back to step #2 and repeat the process, otherwise simply continue posting as normal.

For Advanced Users:
Once all your files have been attached, they will be displayed at the end of your message after it has been posted. You may occasionally find the need to place the attachment directly within your message text (for example, if a particular image is related to a specific point of discussion). To do so;

1) Click in the Message body entry box to place the cursor where you would like the attachment to appear.
1) Look for a new, small section immediately below the Message body entry box called "Attachments:".
2) Choose the file you wish to insert within your text and click "Place inline". You may repeat this procedure for other attachments.
3) Continue with your message as normal.

Deleting Your Attachments:
Sometimes, you may wish to remove a picture that you've just attached.

1) In the message window, look for a section titled "Posted attachments" below the main Message body entry box.
2) Find the file you wish to remove and click "Delete File".

Note: You can delete attachments in previously posted messages by going to your "User Control Panel" and looking for the "Manage Attachments" section.

Hints & Suggestions:
*Please limit all file attachments to no more than 250 kb in size.
*Image attachments should be no larger than 600 pixels wide
*Avoid attaching files needlessly. Some message board visitors may be on dial-up connections and/or be required to pay their ISP a per-minute or bandwidth-usage fee.

Other Image Display Options:
If an image you want to use is already stored somewhere online (such as your home page or Flickr) you can use BBCode within your message to display the image without uploading. Simply type or paste the link to the image within the Message body entry box and enclose it within "img" tags. Here's an example;

Code: Select all

The text "http://www.site.com/imagename.jpg" should be replaced with a link to your own image.

Hope that helps,
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Re: TIP: How To Upload A Picture Or Document With Your Message

Postby isilindil » 14 Sep 2007, 00:23

Duh! :huh: To both not reading the posts and not seeing what is so obvious!!!!
I think I would've probably even missed it if the whole section was bright pink!
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Re: TIP: How To Upload A Picture Or Document With Your Messa

Postby skydove » 29 Nov 2012, 17:34

Just to underline what was said make sure your pixel count is UNDER 600.
You cannot ( or at least I cannot) post more than 3 images in any one post and you may then need to split your post if you have more than this number of images.
It took quite a few sweary words to find this out!
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