Shamanic contacts in the Oxfordshire (Uffington) area

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Shamanic contacts in the Oxfordshire (Uffington) area

Postby Reflective wizard » 07 May 2008, 21:54

I am struggling to find contacts in the Oxfordshire / wiltshire area who practice shamanic healing

Would you have any ideas regarding potential contacts ?

I have been practicing advanced earth healing for over 3 years - all intuitively learned and of Druid past life origin

I'm interested to explore whether the approaches I use are similar to those practiced by others and if there are any groups active in the Oxfordshire / wiltshire area - which I can contact

Many thanks

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Tynan Elder Oak
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Re: Shamanic contacts in the Oxfordshire (Uffington) area

Postby Tynan Elder Oak » 05 Jul 2008, 10:18

Hi... dont know if this is in date or of any use... but we are a small grove in Kenilworth Warwickshire, and we have Shamanic pratitioners associated with us.... I myself am a druid who uses some shamanistic practise and until last November, my Ma who has died, was our crone and quite a well know core Shamanic practitioner, and she mentored me... so if any of that interests you, do feel free to get in touch... Tynan Elder Oak

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