can't get into the Sages and Crones sub-forum

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can't get into the Sages and Crones sub-forum

Postby druicorn » 24 Aug 2008, 00:57

I'm being told that I'm not permitted to enter the Sages and Crones sub-forum. Do I need to register separately for that? I certainly am old enough :) 59 and just finishing my second Saturn return. Thanks for any help with this.
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Re: can't get into the Sages and Crones sub-forum

Postby skh » 24 Aug 2008, 01:28

It says in the description:
This is a private forum for the "mature" druids in our midst. If you are age 50 or older (in this incarnation), you are invited to join in discussions of things that would bore the young'uns to tears. Request admission through the usergroup or contact Kernos or Selene.
hope that helps

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