Travel to Glastonbury

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Travel to Glastonbury

Postby Harv » 01 Oct 2015, 19:50

Good evening to all,

I'm hoping to be able to make this years Winter Gathering (will be my first) and am looking to travel to Glastonbury by train. From what I can see, the best approach is to take a train from London Paddington to Castle Cary. However what I am unsure of is whether there are any reliable transport options (taxi or bus) from Castle Cary to Glastonbury.

Would anyone who has previously undertaken this be able to share their experience?

Many thanks and blessings,


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Re: Travel to Glastonbury

Postby DaRC » 02 Oct 2015, 11:06

Have a look here
The cheapest and one-stop solution will be to take the National Express coaches - one a day at 17:30 and takes about 4 hours.

National Rail to Castle Cary has a fast train from Paddington and routes 667/669 for the bus ... lastonbury
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