This could be your dream too

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This could be your dream too

Postby Drynon » 16 Apr 2013, 22:26

A wise Druid sat me down and told me of a place where bards could go and explore the arts, music and verse. A place where a visitor could try crafts and play musical instruments that normally would not be within his grasp. A place of peace and of love, where everyone was welcome. A place where the only currency was creativity.
My eyes lit up and I ask where this place was, for I wanted to go there, that very day...
He smiled and he told me that it was in his mind for many years and now it was in mine. He said that he had not transformed it into being and I must now make it my quest to someday welcome bards through its doors.
It has been a long journey to here and I know he is pleased with me. The dream is now alive and growing and I am delighted to share with my fellow Druids that this place is now on the northwest of Ireland, in county Sligo.
It is at the early stages but the old building is starting to take shape.
It was built as an inn back in the 1800s And it is surrounded by trees and has ample ground to plant more trees and vegetables and raise some animals.
Alas I am a builder and not a farmer and I was hoping I could find someone who wants to step into the simple Druid way and organise the planting,growing and brewing . And what ever else they wish to do. I can offer you a place to live in return for your efforts. But the true reward is the simple lifestyle.

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Re: This could be your dream too

Postby kukl » 27 Apr 2013, 17:15

Wow Drynon that sounds amazing. I wish i could come and be part of the dream, but i'm on a different path right now. I thought i'd just post a reply though, just to bump your post up the board incase others have missed it. Good luck and blessings.
(For the record i'd be building a clay oven and baking the bread.) :hug:
And I dreamed I saw the bombers riding shotgun in the sky, and they where turning into butterflies above our nation. Joni Mitchell

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Re: This could be your dream too

Postby LadyKatlinel » 26 Jul 2013, 01:09

That does sound like a beautiful dream. At the moment my path is across the pond, but I send wishes that the community of your dreams continues to grow and develop and become part of this plane.
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