Save our forests and vote for a tree!

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katie bridgewater
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Save our forests and vote for a tree!

Postby katie bridgewater » 22 Feb 2016, 12:39

I didn't know this, but there is a thing called 'European Tree of the Year'.

The Cubbington Pear Tree is an entrant in it this year.

If HS2 goes ahead, this beautiful tree will be in the way and will be cut down along with thousands of other old and beloved trees.

HS2 is a completely unnecessary new rail line that will cut through many ancient forests in England to save rich people 15 minutes on the train journey from London to the North

HS2 will cost billions of pounds and hardly anyone wants it, apart from the people set to make money out of it.

The Cubbington Pear Tree has become a bit of a symbol in the protest against this ridiculous plan to trash hundreds of acres of British forest.

You can show your support for the campaign and vote for the Cubbington Pear Tree on the link below, and please share on to all your lovely pear-loving, HS2-hating friends

Many thanks ... gtonu.aspx

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