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Area Descriptions

Postby Gobae » 06 Oct 2009, 15:29

I've decided to come back after a long hiatus, and quite frankly I was lost (not to be unexpected). However, I discovered one of the issues extending the difficulty I had navigating was the "narrative" descriptions of the new areas. Terse definitions/descriptors for the areas would have helped greatly just like we use in the real world.

For instance, imagine coming upon an intersection that said "The road to the left will take you 3 miles into the village of Grovers Mills past farmers' fields, turn sharply right through a small commercial zone and after 6 miles "T" into Highway 95."; traffic would be backed up forever making sense of the description. Instead we use:

<- Grovers Mills - 3 mi
<- To Highway 95 - 9 mi

Just an observation.
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Re: Area Descriptions

Postby Ade Sundog » 23 Mar 2010, 14:34

Thank you for the observation

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