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Postby BEACH AND BEAR » 02 Sep 2016, 23:26

The Aurora Borialis,, or GWYNVYDS GORSEDD. Stand in awe with the Northern Lights, Ablaze in colors only the Gods could master. Hear the song of the Druids of Past, causing the lights to dance to the heartbeats of the souls entwined. Watch, as EACH soul, captured in the Dance of light, bends and bows, waiting to return to Mother Earth. Be present, and quite, as the gift of Alban, touches our Mother, with the respect and honor due. Rejoice, and revel, as the soft caress of light, hails a new soul, or a returning elder Druid, HOME AGAIN. WITH RESPECT FOR ALL. BEACH AND BEAR.
If you take something of value from a man,, you must replace it with something of value, R Ruark:

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