OBOD members' forum access information

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OBOD members' forum access information

Postby Selene » 03 Dec 2008, 19:27

In order to access the members-only forums, you must be an OBOD member and registered on this board. (Please note that OBOD memberships do not expire and there are no dues to pay to be in good standing! If you were ever a member and received the monthly gwersi packets, you are still a member and eligible to join the members-only forums here, no matter how long ago you were working on the course.) We are not tied into the Order's membership database, though, so please verify your status following the procedure below:

1. If you haven't registered an account here on the message board, do so now. Just click the "Register" link at the top of the page and follow the prompts and click "Submit" when finished. Your account will be activated by an admin as soon as possible, usually within a few hours; when your account is active, you will receive an automated e-mail notification. If you have trouble with the CAPTCHA (the code at the bottom which is designed to weed out spambots...unfortunately it sometimes weeds out real people, too), please e-mail administrators@druidry.org and one of us will help you register.

2. Once you have registered, send an e-mail to OBODforumaccess@druidry.org and provide the following information:
[list][*]Your username on this board
[*]Your real name (as registered with OBOD)
[*]Your city, state/province etc., and country of residence or on record with with OBOD (specific street address not needed)
[*]If sharing gwersi with another member, that person's name and city
[*]The OBOD grade forum to which you're requesting access (i.e., whichever you are currently studying—Bard, Ovate, or Druid)
[*]The grade-specific password that appears on the letter that came with your first packet

3. You'll be added to the appropriate grade forum as soon as possible (which will also give you access to OBOD General Discussion, Groves and Seedgroups, Camps and Festivals, and posting privileges in the Druids' Marketplace). When you receive a note from an admin welcoming you to the forum, you'll know you're ready to go!



To gain access to these forums, e-mail obodforumaccess@druidry.org with your request. Include the information specified above and the password given to you in the letter you received at the beginning of the course.

Nederlands: Forum for OBOD members enrolled in the Dutch language version of the Bardic course
Français: Forum for OBOD members enrolled in the French language version of the Bardic course
Deutsch: Forum for OBOD members enrolled in the German language version of the Bardic course
Ovaten: Forum for OBOD members enrolled in the German language version of the Ovate course
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