creating and choosing a staff?

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Re: creating and choosing a staff?

Postby winterfire » 24 Sep 2016, 07:45

My staff came to me from the sea. Blessings on your beach-combing!

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Re: creating and choosing a staff?

Postby Man Who Stands On One Leg » 25 Sep 2016, 13:01

I got my staff recently whilst attempting to connect with the ancestors.

A hill range I have been exploring, gifted me with a staff. I was trying to gain access to a small wooded copse in the lea of a small 3 sided valley. It is extremely steep sided and thick with briars and nettles.

I got down only so far but came upon an insurmountable wall of thorns. Not wanting to upset the spirits or animals within (or my skin lol) I decided to ascend.

Being a monkey I was able to get down without to many scratches and stings but found getting back out an issue. There was nowhere to put my hands (nettles/thorns). I took rest amongst a small group of juvenile Beech and Maple trees.

Which is where I found some dead logs next to a Maple tree and said aloud that a staff would be useful for me. But the logs where too large and rotten to had been of any use.

But as I looked at the tree I saw a branch (old and pitted) conveniently resting against the Maple on the other side to the log pile.

It was just right.

I thanked the tree and managed to ascend without further difficulty.

I will revisit this small wood again but have to find the right way of entering into it.

I kept the staff and now it travels with me. I call it "buzzard".
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