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katie bridgewater
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Postby katie bridgewater » 14 Jul 2013, 12:27

Has anyone here successfully made historical leather turn shoes? I have to make some new turn shoes for historical work (mine are worn out) and I'm currently researching methods. What leather did you use (ie which animal?) and was it veg or bark tanned? I'll be sewing by hand. I've got several links and one of my colleagues has made a pair for himself a while back, but the more info the better really - they have to fit as I wear them a lot, all year round in many different environments. The ones I have were bought, and machine-stitched and lasted several years of hard outdoor use, with running repairs but sadly now are going beyond... :-( .

It would be nice to have a thread about shoemaking in general too, so please use this thread to post pics and share stuff about home-made shoes too - I'd make all my own if days weren't so full of other equally interesting things to do, and I knew how!

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Badger Bob
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Re: shoe-making

Postby Badger Bob » 14 Jul 2013, 17:48

I tried it a long time ago when I was into Viking re-enactment but I didn't make a good job of them and they fell apart. I got some vegetable tanned leather from the group's quartermaster, but I forgot to make a groove for the stitches on the sole and it dropped off after about four weeks. The goose fat weatherproofing was a bit rubbish as well, they waterlogged very quickly.

So basically do the opposite of what I did and they should be fine :grin:

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