Window inspiration needed

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Window inspiration needed

Postby SilaquiNL » 21 Jan 2015, 22:34

I have moved to a new house and we now have big windows by the street. I'd like to make something to put in he window, on the uhm..windowsill?
Does anybidy have any ideas?
Maybe something that can change with the seasons.

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Re: Window inspiration needed

Postby Catafonia » 22 Jan 2015, 00:00

Hi SilaquiNL

I'm not a very arty-crafty sort of person but for the window sill I'd suggest a window box with some plants/herbs/flowers where you can add stones, feathers, figurines, changing them to match the 8 festivals of the year, or else (dried) flower/twig arrangements which you can decorate as well. For example, I cut some hydrangea flowers, dried them and sprayed them bronze and hung them on my front door over the Solstice/Christmas period. You can also do a hanging arrangement as well.

But others can give you actual handicraft suggestions. And why not post a picture when you're finished?

Blessings in your new home
Catafonia :smgrove:

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