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Reclamation of landfill sites

Posted: 27 May 2015, 12:35
by J1Star
Hello all, it's been a while since I've posted in here, have to get into the swing of things again so I'm so sorry if I have this in the wrong place.

As a pagan I am interested in being around nature and I am fortunate enough to have a large amount of greenery in my area. However, this greenery is all reclaimed landfill, so below the surface I assume is piles and piles of junk, which is confirmed by the apparent pipes letting the gas out from underneath.
On the surface, a plethora of trees including oaks, willows, ashes and birch trees are thriving, as well as shrubbery, grasses and wildflowers which I am pleased for, but I still can't see past the taint underneath.
What I was wondering is how, as a spiritual practitioner in any capacity, you would approach a landfill site. Would meditation and it's surrounding practices be suitable for such a place for you? Would you avoid the area, or try to heal it in some way?

Re: Reclamation of landfill sites

Posted: 27 May 2015, 14:16
by Green Raven
Yes, it is quite magnificent how nature will reclaim.

‘Succession’ is the everyday miracle that renders the foulest messes that ‘civilisation’ has left into something life-bearing - rather like the religious principle of rendering something mundane or even profane into a sacred object or rite.

It is a great focus for a meditation and celebration how, in the most barren wasteland, algae, mosses and lichens will colonise, feeding from nitrate-bearing rain and in-blown organic detritus. Then hardy grasses take root, their wiry forms catching more humus until a thin soil begins to layer, tiny birch trees begin to grow, followed by alder, their fallen carapaces building loams for the first of the mighty oaks and beeches. From the first cover, small animals will also move in, their predators following until a full eco-system has developed.

The only sour note is that often the former landfill is being left to settle for a few decades so that eventually it will not subside and developers can ravage it again to stick poisonous industrial units or sterile shopping centres on it. Apparently this is progress.

Re: Reclamation of landfill sites

Posted: 29 May 2015, 09:15
by Jasper
Near my childhood home are many old claypits remnants of the pioneer brickmakers and potters that first settled the area after the Maori.
As children we explored ignoring the no trasspassing signs.
Tracking pheasant and other creatures amongst the blackberry and gorse.
About 20 years ago a fight with developers saved one of the pits known locally as The Wasteland, ironically in part because of us kids tresspassing had created a public right to walk over the land.
Part of the pit is landscaped mowed and grassed with the Creek dammed to create ponds.
But Down the back the wild place is still there untamed and so are the pheasants.
Other pits have been filled and housing or retail building constructed.
Perhaps if you sit and listen you will feel where the true form of the Earth still lies beneath the surface filling and landscaping.
Water will always do what it wants to, eventually finding its path through the damaged landscape.
Even areas where toxic chemicals were dumped in leakking rusty drums have life and wild creatures live in the now empty drums.

Re: Reclamation of landfill sites

Posted: 04 Aug 2015, 10:03
by J1Star
Thank you for your replies. I am at least grateful that wildlife is able to grow in my patch of landfill- we have huge emperor dragonflies the size of birds, and many toads and the aforementioned plants and trees. It is still part of the earth and therefore it should be respected, even if it is due to be built on in the future.