Walking the Druid Path

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Walking the Druid Path

Postby BlazeLeeDragon » 28 Jun 2017, 02:57

I've been running a youtube channel for several years now. I've always like speaking, teaching and sharing ideas and found this to be a format that I am fond of. I've made videos on many topics, one I have been more inspired to make videos on recently is my experiences and thoughts on working Druidry into my personal path. This is one thing I have always liked about OBOD, the way it's presented as a spiritual practice that can accompany any tradition.

I call the series "Walking the Druid Path", granted these are not videos on OBOD, they are simply my take on a chosen topic and ways I feel individuals can incorporate pieces of Druidry into their lives. I thought this might be something that some of you may or may not be interested in. I feel like this is my expression of Imbas/Awen. Hope you enjoy :)

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... FyLY0NEsmM

This is the playlist I'll continue to add to
May the peace of the season find you,
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