Irish Trad Recordings

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Irish Trad Recordings

Postby feadogai » 24 Mar 2017, 03:49

In case anyone around here would like to sample some good old traditional stuff. Here is a link to some old recordings that I have enjoyed a bunch.
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Re: Irish Trad Recordings

Postby malcolmb » 24 Mar 2017, 16:43

Hi feadogai

Very many thanks for the link. A veritable feast which I will work through. It does raise that thorny and highly controversial issue of copyright. As he says:

"I expected to encounter at least a little resistance to this project, and I have been surprised by the absolute lack of legal interest shown in my flagrant disregard for copyright law. But, things no longer look quite so simple, and I no longer wish to take the risk involved in publishing this material, so as of today, it will no longer be available to download."

I am not surprised that he initially found a lack of legal interest. Every country has its own copyright laws and trying to enforce them internationally is next to impossible. And of course the internet is so vast, trying to find any breaches is equally impossible and the expense of pursuing breaches is prohibitive for most people. But times are changing. The European Union is very active in formulating new copyright law relevant to the internet age and there are signs of international agreement on codifying standard laws. Should people worry?

The major internet music streaming sites are already beginning to feel the impact of organisations such as publishers and royalty collection agencies flexing their muscles. And I suspect this is just the beginning. I see people on the net creating and publishing covers of songs without permission, completely oblivious to the risks they are taking. Any warning is treated with mirth. But the penalties can be financially ruinous.

Music on the net is not free unless it says it is free. Even then, you should be cautious. It is so easy with modern computers and software to download any song you find. But when you do so, you leave a trail that leads to your home. Millions of pounds are being lost daily in royalties to originators of songs. So it is not surprising that such people are joining royalty collection organisations which have the muscle and money to get those royalties for them. Times are definitely changing.
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