Druidcast # 126

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Druidcast # 126

Postby Heddwen » 20 Sep 2017, 15:56

Yes, episode 126 is here for your delight and listening pleasure!

Direct download: http://druidcast.libsyn.com/druidcast-a ... pisode-126

Show notes for Druidcast 126

Noce Tragique – Le Vent du Nord

These Hollow Hills – Damh the Bard

Interview with Jean Pagano, Archdruid of the ADF

Le Rosier – Le Vent du Nord

The Birth of Lugh – Robin Williamson

DruidCast theme – Hills they are Hollow

Also, if you missed any of the 50th Anniversary talks from Druidcast 87-93, just click here and scroll down : http://www.druidcast.libsyn.com/

Cheers for now,

Heddwen :curtsey:

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Re: Druidcast # 126

Postby winterfire » 20 Sep 2017, 18:28

Hooray! :yay:

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