OBOD membership vs. Discussion Forum membership

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OBOD membership vs. Discussion Forum membership

Postby Selene » 11 Sep 2017, 01:58

Hi, all,

I've recently realized that some people don't realize that this Discussion Forum is administered separately from OBOD itself. If you signed up for the Bardic course, you're a member of OBOD. But the admins of this forum don't have access to the OBOD database and don't know who is or isn't a member unless and until they contact us for access to the grade-specific areas.

So if you've received a PM from me informing you of the upcoming change to this site (viewtopic.php?f=345&t=47495) and you really are an OBOD member, just send in a request for access and you'll be given whatever permissions apply to your grade. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much more there is to the Forums than just the public areas you've been seeing!

Again, we extend our thanks to the non-members who've participated with us over the years. Your accounts will be deactivated on November 1, but not deleted. Should you ever decide to join OBOD, we'll reactivate them and you can continue without having to create a new account.

Many blessings,
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