The First Belgian OBOD Gathering

Venez vous détendre, échanger dans cette section en langue française sur le thème du druidisme et du paganisme. Pour une question, pour partager ou pour échanger, prenez un instant pour vous présenter, vous réchauffer auprès de notre feu, dans une ambiance conviviale et chaleureuse.
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The First Belgian OBOD Gathering

Postby Bram » 21 Feb 2013, 19:47

Hello fellow Obodies,

The Earth is breathing. The eternal rhythm of ebb and flow.
The breath of life… power of Life…
Hear the whispering of the trees. Feel their message in your heart.
The moon reflects herself in streams and ponds while sparks of the campfire lit the sky.

Follow the call of the otherworld and join us. Experience your personal journey, in the land of Arduina. Safe and secure, glowing with light, full of strength.
Offering your healing, asking for healing. For yourself and for each other. For our sacred Earth, our Mother and her children.

Be welcome, dear child of the earth and the stars.

We invite you to honour and celebrate the Earth, our Mother, during this full moon weekend. A lecture with Thea Worthington and Adrian Rooke, hiking trips and meditations in the ancient woods, rituals, Eistedfodd, and delicious organic- vegetarian food will all be part of the experience. This magical gathering takes place in 't Molenhuis in the Belgian Ardennes from Friday 24 May until Sunday 26 May 2013.

For more information visite our website ( or mail us at

Warm greetings,
The Arduina-team
/I \


Re: The First Belgian OBOD Gathering

Postby Fabienne » 27 Dec 2014, 14:21

Hello Bram,

I am a new Belgian member in the order, and very happy to have started the bardic course.

I just saw that a Belgian gathering was organised in 2013 and I'm wondering if any more are to come ?

I hope so :)

Have a beautiful winter time


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