Hold the Flood, a poem

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Hold the Flood, a poem

Postby syrbal » 10 Oct 2017, 19:14

I have been rereading the bardic gwersi within my druid work and have just finished rereading working with water (this is in the old course). I've only been reading it, not doing any rituals or meditations or anything. So this is what happened, I felt I had a new poem in me after years of nothing. Such is the power of the gwersi!
Feel free to comment if you wish.
Hold the Flood
I look at you.
I look into your eyes,
And turn away.
I must be strong and hold the flood.
If I let go, it will engulf you
And carry you away;
And once away, you will turn your back and not return.
Then once-lush meadows will turn to sere straw
And pleasant pastures to arid dust
And the lake will once more be dampened
But now with bitter tears.
I look into your eyes
And turn away, for I must be strong.
I can give you nothing or far too much
And you will never know.
bb Syrbal (Derek from Birmingham UK)

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Re: Hold the Flood, a poem

Postby Heddwen » 10 Oct 2017, 19:24

Powerful stuff there.

How lovely to 'see' you back on the Forums, Syrbal.



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Re: Hold the Flood, a poem

Postby AshRocks » 11 Oct 2017, 23:19

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
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