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Postby winterfire » 24 Oct 2017, 09:07

Eyes in the night
Stalking my forest
Casually littered
Soft brush of mind on mind.

Prowler from a strange tribe
Testing the boundaries
Of my godless circle.

Light probing
Fire licking
Scenting the air
Smoking me out
Netting me.

A star blazing..
Your star.

Down the lightning strikes
Down the fire flashes
Down the Imbas falls
Fire in the head.

Down the fences
Turned to cinders.
Down the forest
Burnt tinder.
Down the castles
Carefully crafted.
Down all defences
Oh so easy.

Destroying a world
You birthed a new one.

And here I stand
Slightly singed
Carrying your torch.

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Re: FlameHair

Postby AshRocks » 24 Oct 2017, 21:12

I like how your poem brought out many feelings in me, and how synchronicity can act as a blessing and affirmation. Thank you for sharing!
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"The first agreement of the soul can be viewed as a dream seeded in the soul around which a body is wrapped. It's the dream that keeps calling us to a greater life." Michael Meade, Fate and Destiny

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Re: FlameHair

Postby Drea » 27 Oct 2017, 16:16

Intense yet playful !

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