I am Bard, I am Sorcerer

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I am Bard, I am Sorcerer

Postby BronzDragonfly » 22 Nov 2017, 13:52

I am a wave upon the ocean. I am a leaf upon the breeze.
The light of stars long broken, I’m sure my mothers be.

I am a roar upon the thunder. I am the good sun’s light.
The morning star my daughter, the night my son and fright.

I am a hare upon the meadow. I am aware of my mistake.
The fates have spun my story, I’m sure my end she’ll make.

I am a hound upon the meadow. I am aware of my mistake.
The fates have frayed my story, I’m sure justice I’ll take.

I am a crown upon the heavens. I am unknown to her eyes.
Though king of birds I fly, I’m sure she’ll see me die.

I am a death upon the wind. I am a clear bright star.
The queen of birds I prey, I’m sure his soul I’ll scar.

I am a leax upon the river. I am the prize to bleed.
Though wattles fill my heart, I’m sure my blood she’ll feed.

I am a bitch upon a stream. I am a clown to see.
Though hazels fill my heart, I’m sure his gift I’ll free.

I am a grain upon the stone. I am a fairy’s seed.
Though fears fill my soul, her womb my heart will need.

I am a hen so dark. I am a source of life.
Though rapture I have won, I’m sure a life’s begun.
May the Forest be with you, always.
No Other World:

Thom “Mormhran” Potter, Bard


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Re: I am Bard, I am Sorcerer

Postby AshRocks » 22 Nov 2017, 19:31

Beautiful poem. Very empowering! Thank you for sharing.
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"The first agreement of the soul can be viewed as a dream seeded in the soul around which a body is wrapped. It's the dream that keeps calling us to a greater life." Michael Meade, Fate and Destiny

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