Forest Dance

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Forest Dance

Postby CelticHollyChild » 27 Nov 2016, 22:04

Forest Dance
By Natasha Daly

Come play with us! They call dancing in the wind.
They sway, their limbs beckoning me to join them.
Their leaves caught on the wind swirl around them playfully.
Taunting, teasing, laughing.

We are the free, we are the wild, their voices whisper.
Their trunks creek as they threaten to uproot and run through the forest.
I watch wary of their greatness.

Ah! But you too are great sweet child of our roots!
Join us! Play, frolic and dance.
Lay down your robe and dance with us in naked freedom!

But I am modest and ashamed of my form…
You are a goddess like all of us, she kissed your spirit awake!
Fear not your naked skin, but relish in the soft glow of your form!

Leafy limb again reach for me, come play!
Come play!
My robe drops around my bare feet as I step forward to take the leafy offering of the great oak.
He spins me! How gay! How marvellously fun!

A shrill of electric laughter escapes my breath, my cheeks grow rosy.
My toes twirl over the mossy soft forest floor.
Connected am I to the great goddess.
Her love begins to fall as rain drops kiss my naked skin.

And I know we are one.

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Re: Forest Dance

Postby ShadowCat » 14 Dec 2016, 09:18

I love this... the rythm in the words whirls and dances and the imagery is glorious...Thank you!
PS:Now I want to go outside instead of sitting at my stuffy computer.
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the songs of one's heart
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Re: Forest Dance

Postby AshRocks » 14 Dec 2016, 21:10

Beautiful Poetry! Solstice Blessings to You.
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