Wattpad - A pretty darn cool writing site

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Wattpad - A pretty darn cool writing site

Postby Paladorys » 15 Mar 2017, 18:48

I stumbled upon this and thought it was such a good idea that I put my first attempt at writing a story there!

If anyone cares to read it you can find the first chapter here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/102670178 ... rr%C3%ADgu I will be updating with new chapters at LEAST once a month... hopefully I don't get the dreaded writers block!

I really enjoy that the format is approachable and that i can write from anywhere I have an internet connection. I have always dreamed of writing a book but I have been so intimidated by having to write volumes before anyone gets to see it. What if I go in a direction no one enjoys? What If I'm terrible at writing and manage to write 500 pages of garbage? :(

I like how this is sort of like a writing blog, that your audience can read from a computer, tablet, phone etc. I have put a mature rating on the content simply to avoid any trouble if I get into any sexual/sexy-ish situations with my characters. I don't rightly know that's the direction I'll go with this, but want to avoid getting young people hooked on a story that their parents wont approve of them reading. :duck: Druidry can get pretty darn sexy after all!

I would love some feedback from people far more talented and brilliant than myself. Also I think that Wattpad is a fantastically easy and approachable way to write a book, get feedback while you are writing, and share your talents with many people. I did notice that at the present moment.. I seem to be the only writer that tagged their story with #druidry... so there is a wide open gap for the taking! Feel free to come fill up that space with me! :gulp: Also of note is that the site provides the writer with creepy demographic information on readership like location, and time spent reading, just like a google analytics for writers LOL. I think that could be useful in determining who is most interested in your writing and if your content is engaging.

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