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Important Notice/Update

Wednesday 1st May 2024

Upon investigating the recent problems with the Messageboard, we are pleased to report that no prsonal details were taken or obtained. All private information is completely safe and was secure. However, a vulnerability was exploited which allowed phishing content to be inserted & published on posts where external spam was then directed to, causing the system to be overloaded. Unfortunately locating & removing this content amongst so many historical posts is difficult to quickly do.

We are now investigating if it will be possible to reinstate the site temporarily to allow users to retrieve any important work. We will provide an update here shortly if that is going to be possible.

Meanwhile, to help get all our members on our new system https://hearth.druidry.org, we urge members to ensure their details are up to date on the central membership database, by using this update form: https://forms.druidry.org/member_update

Tuesday 23rd April 2024

Unfortunately, over the past few days, the OBOD message-board has been targeted & compromised by spammers, who have managed to hack-in and hijack several user accounts to use our server for hosting unwelcome spamvertised content.

The message-board system was originally put into operation many decades ago, and has served our community well. However, it is an aged system, which has recently become increasingly difficult to manage, maintain & secure against modern online security threats.

Our hosting provider has helped us as much as they possibly can, but without being able to easily find or clear the root of the problem, they’ve had to place network restrictions on our account, which means the message-board is offline for the time being.

We are assessing all options, and will post an update here shortly. However, we have been working on setting up a new online community, and given this turn of event, we will see if we can launch this sooner.

To ensure you are the first to know about any news or developments, please make sure you are either subscribed to Touchstone – which is free! – and you can sign up here: https://enrol.druidry.org/touchstone

Alternatively, we urge OBOD Members to ensure their details are up to date on the central membership database, by using this update form: https://forms.druidry.org/member_update