The Druids' Marketplace

This "Bardic Bargain Basement" is a forum reserved for OBODies and other qualified board members with creative talents to advertise their wares for sale. While anyone can read the posts here, only OBOD members and members of the Druids' Marketplace usergroup can offer items for sale. Please read the forum rules inside before posting or applying for usergroup membership.
Forum rules
Welcome to The Druids' Marketplace, the place for OBODies to showcase their creative talents and maybe earn some lunch money!

This being a bit different from all the other forums here, in that actual commercial posts are allowed, there are certain rules that must be followed at all times:

Only OBOD members and members of the Druids’ Marketplace usergroup can offer items for sale.

OBOD members do not need to apply for access to this forum; membership in the Bards, Ovates or Druids forums automatically gives you posting rights in this forum. Board members who are not OBOD members are eligible to join this group if (a) they have been a board member for at least one year and (b) have made at least 100 posts. Non-OBOD members who meet both these qualifications and wish to join the usergroup may request access by clicking the “Usergroups” link in their User Control Panel, selecting The Druids’ Marketplace from the drop-down menu, and clicking the button that says “Join Group.” You may also contact the moderator or an admin directly.

Marketplace posters may advertise only on their own behalf. It is acceptable to list one's own business (e.g., a shop, consulting service, or other small business) or to offer specific items for sale; however, any item offered must be, in some way, an original work created by the member doing the posting. This can be something hand-crafted, such as jewelry, art work, incense, etc., or something written and printed/published by an outside source, such as a book, musical recording, or video, but advertising items that were obtained specifically for resale in one's business is outside the scope of this forum. In other words, a member could post a notice about his bookstore but not advertise the specific books he sells unless he is the author of them. If in doubt as to whether an advertisement would be acceptable, please contact the moderator before posting.

This forum may be used to ask questions or make comments about an item offered for sale, but please do not make arrangements for payment in public posts; if sales are to take place other than on the seller’s web site, potential buyers should contact sellers directly off-list via PM or e-mail. Any posts in violation of this will be removed by the moderator.

Threads will be auto-pruned if they go 6 months with no new posts. Sellers should update their postings periodically to prevent auto-pruning; any global moderator or admin can delete an outdated post upon request of the seller.

Sellers are encouraged to provide links to their own web sites that feature the listed items and/or insert photographs of the items in their posts. For help with posting a photo, see ... 25&t=24482.

OBOD and usergroup members who are looking for certain items may post messages describing what they want; please start the subject line of these posts with "Wanted:"

All transactions are strictly between the buyer and the seller. OBOD cannot be held responsible for any aspect of any private business dealings that may arise from this forum.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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