Coping with insomnia?

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shirley mclaren
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Re: Coping with insomnia?

Postby shirley mclaren » 01 Nov 2014, 12:55

Light levels, particularly that blue white LED light given off by some appliances is problematical for some. Also, looking at the computer in bed. Also do not have any electrical gadgets in general in the bedroom if you can avoid it - TV etc. one other tip is do not have any food or drink in the three hours before you go to bed.


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Re: Coping with insomnia?

Postby Fides » 22 Dec 2014, 14:42

I have been dealing with this for quite some time. Even when I can manage to get to sleep my "dead on time" body clock wakes me up whether i need to be or not.

Some good ideas i will check out in this thread. Thank you for posting them.

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Re: Coping with insomnia?

Postby Shaysage » 20 Jan 2015, 11:21

I have issues with sleeping, too. Always have. I'm forever looking for good ways to just get off to sleep ad stay asleep. I've recently started using night Kalms and although they don't get me to sleep for like 2 hours, it's better than the alternative. I also sometimes put lavander on my pillow. I think it's just one of those things that I'll have til I don't, but the kalms have definitely helped with the wakefulness "overthinking" I do.


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Re: Coping with insomnia?

Postby DaRC » 20 Jan 2015, 13:00

In a matter of synchronicity some people have said that this works welll ... spray.html
I do find that the LBE meditation helps as well.
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Re: Coping with insomnia?

Postby ebhadh » 08 Mar 2015, 10:59

There are so many very excellent methods described in this thread. I will just add two more: the end of day review - just going over, in reverse order, the events of the past day in your mind. This assists to make a first clearing of short term memory into long term, which is further processed during dreaming. The second is going into your psychic grove as a protected space for sleeping within. You can ask your guides there to help - I see a friendly oak dryad and a very motherly beech dryad in mine - and surround all with a protective shield for the night.

Sweet dreams and many blessings of restful sleep
Ebhadh :smgrove:
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Green Raven
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Re: Coping with insomnia?

Postby Green Raven » 08 Mar 2015, 12:25

I was just going through some old documents this morning and happened across a version of this: ... ksheet.pdf

It’s adapted from, Transforming the pain: a workbook on vicarious traumatisation, Saakvitne, K. W., & Pearlman, L. A. (ed.). (1996). The advice is simple and good for everyone really.

Reviewing your whole lifestyle balance certainly aids sleep and fits in nicely with a druidic lifestyle. In addition to the previous good advice.
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