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Blank Cards

Post by halleyween » 06 Aug 2007, 20:01

Maybe I am missing something in the book.

I purchased the boxed set. The book w/ cards. There are three blank cards in the deck. I have all 33 animal cards, so I know that there's not a mistake that way.

Why are there blank cards?
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Post by Lizzy » 06 Aug 2007, 21:24

So you can sketch, draw or paint your own favorite animals who aren't represented in the druid animal oracle  :wink:

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Re: Blank Cards

Post by Gwiwer » 27 Oct 2011, 19:26

I have a special relationship to the squirrel, mentioned in an earlier posting at ... 80#p418830 .

I was able to print my avatar picture on a blank card. After some experimenting to get things sorted out (using up one of the blank cards in the process), I taped a blank card to the center of a sheet of paper, using the tape to cover and protect the card border. I then ran the card through my color printer. Afterwards I carefully untaped the card from the page and sprayed some art fixative (used on pencil, charcoal, and pastel artwork) to protect the image and keep it from smearing.

Something about the card surface makes the resulting image look less "photographic" and more textured, so it fits in better with the artwork on the other cards than I was expecting. I was also careful to line up the eyes of the squirrel's picture at the upper 1/3 mark to be consistent with the other cards.



I thought I might go into detail on the process for those who might want to try this...

I used an HP inkjet printer for this effort. Other printers may or may not work, depending on how they feed sheets and distribute the ink, so YMMV. Be prepared to loose a blank card in the process of finding out that your setup doesn't work.

I started off by making a paper "frame", cutting a rectangular hole in a piece of printing paper that matched the artwork space on the cards (not including the decorative boundary). I setup my printer so that printouts would have the picture printed in the center of the page. I then began experimenting with different picture sizes and alignments, using the frame to see what portion of the image would be ultimately placed on the card. Remember that Bill Worthington used the "Golden Mean" to set the eyes of each animal at the same location of the card (kinda 1/3 from the top) -- make sure you align your animal's eyes the same way to be consistent!

Once I got the alignment and sizing sorted out, I took the last correct printout, and taped the blank card over the previous image, aligning it so that the correct portion of the image is covered by the card and would fall properly on the picture region when reprinted. Align the tape so it completely covers the decorative border and sides of the card, so any part of the image that overspills the picture region doesn't clutter up the border. I found using the tape to mask the image easier than trying to setup the printer to just printout the correct region, and helped to cover up any alignment issues in the final printout.

Now either return this page back into the page feeder or manually feed it into the printer while doing the official printout. I experimented a bit first by just re-feeding earlier printouts so I could sort out the correct direction to feed the sheets and confirm that things would align properly on the second go-around.

Be really careful with the card as it comes out of the printer. The glossy surface on the blank card makes it so that the ink doesn't really penetrate, and it will smear if you touch it. It might get smeared anyway depending on how sheets pass through your printer, so be prepared to accept failure if your printer design just isn't right for this job. Carefully remove the tape, being cautious not to pull up part of the card with the tape and/or touching the image. Once you've removed the card, use your artwork spray fixative to protect the image and keep it from smearing as you handle the card.

My first attempt didn't work so well -- that's where I discovered how easily the ink smeared (and decided to use the fixative on the second attempt). I used plain old scotch tape to hold the card and on the first attempt ended up pulling a lot of the card surface off with the tape. On my second attempt I was more careful but still ended up pulling off one of the corners. But the damage was small and I can live with it. In retrospect maybe masking tape would have worked better.

Good Luck! There's a lot of variables in doing this, and a lot of ways for things to go wrong, so be prepared to loose some of your blank cards in attempting this. But if you've got a favorite picture of an animal that you would like to add to your Druid Animal Oracle deck, it's definitely worth a shot!



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