Combining oracles

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Combining oracles

Postby Brigantia » 06 Sep 2009, 02:06

Has anyone tried combining the druid animal oracle with the plant oracle?

I'm just curious if it would be a valid tarot deck...and also, how to interpret it.

Many thanks


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Re: Combining oracles

Postby Tynan Elder Oak » 01 Nov 2010, 17:40

Hi late to this post as I have only just noticed it....

I always combine the two and have to say I find it really illuminating.

I do what I call the elements spread.

That is, one from each deck, starting in the East, South, West and North. One from each deck in the center to represent the Awen, or the drawing together of the elemental weave.

So I read these first, look at the pictures intuitively, then should you need to, go to the books to get deeper understandings, then if the reading seems incomplete draw one from each deck again as a 'completer'.

When using this elemental style I try to keep in mind the correspondences with the moons: Maiden moon for East, Mother/Modron moon for South, Wise woman moon for West and of course Crone/new/dark moon for North. Also there are the correspondences with lifelines, babe/youth, young wo/man, older/wiser wo/man and old wo/man.

Then there are the correspondences with the the seasons, east spring, summer south, autumn west and of course winter north. Then if you really want to get deeper add the cross quarter cards for a wheel of the year/elemental reading. Now that IS a big one and not to be done lightly or too often, but goodness you do get a huge oversight. Don't try to be too rigid in your question or prescriptive, be open to surprises... I don't know about using it as a Tarot deck, similar but different me thinks, like a horse and a zebra. :shake: :hug:

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Re: Combining oracles

Postby MossyMermaid » 29 May 2011, 21:59

I sometimes do a joint reading for each of the 8 celebrations, one animal one plant.

I attend the celebrations at Primrose Hill, and a gentleman does a reading using both packs for each time for the group. Highly illuminating.

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