DAO vs Medicine cards?

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DAO vs Medicine cards?

Post by Greenleaf » 04 Jan 2012, 20:06


I currently have the Medicine cards link and I really enjoy them though here I've discovered the DAO. What I was wondering is if anyone knows what differences/similarities both sets of cards have? Perhaps which one you recommend the most and why. I am thinking of getting some DAO cards but I would like to find more info about them first :thinking:

Thanks in advance for any advice
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Re: DAO vs Medicine cards?

Post by DaRC » 09 Jan 2012, 13:11

Well I have neither :shrug: but looking at the websites etc... I would expect one to be based upon North American animals, myths and lore whilst the DAO (I'm working with the Druid Plant Oracle at the mo') I would expect to be based upon Celtic / North West European animals, myths and lore.

From my perspective, as someone who works with the land-where-I-live, I would recommend the DAO as you live in Belgium. This means that the animals and lore relate to the land where you live.

Long before I'd started my Gewessi (Druid-Heathen) path I spent 18months living in the U.S. I found a slightly bewildering disconnect with the land there - spiritually I felt a bit lost. I'm from the south of England and my fathers family have spent generations here. I grew up connected to the flora and fauna of this landscape in many ways; ancestrally, physically and spiritually. When I'm in that landscape I always know where I am spiritually. Just subtle things like which plants to avoid, the smell of the wind and the roll of the seasons.

One of the strongest lessons I learnt from that time was that to connect to North American spirituality it would take years of learning the history, myths and lore within that landscape. This lesson of connecting to the land-where-you-live is part of what drove my search for a spiritual path that fitted the lesson.
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Re: DAO vs Medicine cards?

Post by WrenWyrd » 09 Jan 2012, 15:26

I would choose the DAO because the Medicine cards are a clear case of cultural appropriation.

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Re: DAO vs Medicine cards?

Post by GreenOak51 » 08 Feb 2013, 06:49

Kima, I'm not sure if that was meant in jest or in seriousness.

If you meant it seriously, why would that be cultural appropriation? One of the authors is a native herself and the other has been taught by his native family. If they don't see the harm, if their culture does not see the harm, why should we judge from the outside that there is harm? The medicine cards represent not only a spiritual belief system but represent animals that are present or have mythology and legend associated to them within a particular geography --- which makes them very appropriate for those looking to tune into the energies of that land.

This board is diverse in many many ways and if we were to keep hands off of the various tools and beliefs of those represented here, we would not learn, druidry would not evolve and we not be as open and accepting and respecting a community as we are. And one that is growing.


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Re: DAO vs Medicine cards?

Post by Explorer » 08 Feb 2013, 08:09

What DaRC said :tiphat:
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Re: DAO vs Medicine cards?

Post by skydove » 08 Feb 2013, 10:43

It is fascinating reading about the cultures,flora and fauna and myths of other cultures and countries to gain better understanding of them and to appreciate the differences and similarities, but I agree with Darc and Explorer primarily to try to develop connections with the land and mythologies of where you live. It must be difficult if you are a person who moves across continents trying to decide whether to try to stay connected to those from where you originally come from or to try and learn about those where you currently live, if I were in that scenario I think I would try to broaden my view. I don't think I could use an oracle without having connected to the symbols the cards represent and this connection takes proper experience of working with them in an appropriate manner and a great amount of study not only by making a mental connection by reading about what an accompanying book might say. An alternative way might be to make your own oracle with things you personally understand and have an affinity with.
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