Animal spirit guide?

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Animal spirit guide?

Post by MaitiumacFaolchu » 12 Dec 2012, 15:39

Heya folks! Not sure if this is the correct section, but this does have something to do with animal lore and spirit guides.

Just wanted to share a dream I had last night, a dream that had a great impact on me and i'm not quite sure of what to think of it, but in some ways I do know what it means and what it told me. But I would like to hear the opinons of others as well :)

Alrighty then, here we go(Please excuse the grammar, english is not my native tounge):

I dreamt I was at an old castle/mansion of sorts. It was very dark and gloomy, it was also raining outside. I was indoors with a group of other people who were dressed in black robes(I was also dressed in a black robe/garb). We were stitting/standing(don't remember for sure) in this big room and there was a black horse(a mare) brought into the room, and someone told it to go to the one it deemed to be the most good-hearted in the room. I remember I looked upon someone else when this was said as I didn't expect the horse to choose me, but to my surprise it came straight up to me and nudged me in the face with it's muzzle. It had chosen me. I was told it's name was "Aoife"(I think, not really sure, but it sounded like "Aoife"(which by the way means "radiant" or "pleasure" in irish. This is quite interesting since i'm not irish myself, i'm swedish, but I am indeed interested in celtic mythology)). A while later I was led to where the mare(Aoife?) was stabled and was told to take her for a ride. And as I did that a black raven circled above us or stayed close by.

After this I woke up, almost terrified. But I couldn't say why as the dream was not a bad one, it was gloomy and dark as I wrote above, but other than that the dream was quite positive.

What makes this dream even more interesting is that the last couple of days while meditating, i've been asking for guidance and help towards my advancement in my spirituality. And I think I got it last night. A new spirit guide. I think I was given a horse to help me on my way. To ease my travelling in "the other realms" so to speak. The fear I had when I woke up might be the fear of letting go, of what might happen when I advance in my spirituality, or become more open. Anyone got thoughts on this?

Cheers and many thanks in advance.

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Re: Animal spirit guide?

Post by DaRC » 13 Dec 2012, 13:49

Only a few quick thoughts - read through this and see what you think

In the Norse lore horses are typically associated with Freyr whilst Raven's are associated with Odin, however there was an association between the Odinist cults and horses - they allowed the eating of horseflesh on certain days (we know this as the christians banned eating horseflesh because of it).
Although Hrímfaxi is also a dark horse

In folklore Black horses are typically associated with the night mare (i.e. riding a horse in your sleep) and also the Wild Hunt (which brings us back to Odin, Nydd ap Gwin, Freyr/Freyja and Mother Holle)
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