Difference between Oracle and Tarot?

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Difference between Oracle and Tarot?

Postby kkieva » 21 Mar 2013, 01:15

After I purchased the Druid Plant & Animal Oracle iPhone app and looked in vain for the setting for "Major/Minor Arcana" it occurred to me that I'm thinking about this all wrong. These decks are not "Tarot" cards per se, are they? Well, duh...That being said, could someone explain to me the difference? Is there a difference, or are they "just" different approaches to the same task, i.e., divination?

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Re: Difference between Oracle and Tarot?

Postby Journey » 21 Mar 2013, 03:13

I use both and this is the best answer I could come up with for you. I think that the Tarot is a much more detailed and complicated method of divination. You can get more specific details when using tarot where oracle cards are more wide spread big picture less detail easier to decipher. Does that make sense? I use the oracle when I am looking for a broader idea of answer where when things need to be more specific, I move towards my rider waite tarot deck. I can't wait to see what others say about this. Interesting question.
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Re: Difference between Oracle and Tarot?

Postby GreenOak51 » 29 Mar 2013, 04:05

Agree with you, Mystical Journey. The tarot decks *seem* to be more suited to those queries that require more indepth coverage. I put seem in asterisks because it always comes down to the diviner, doesn't it? :)

Over the years I have gravitated more and more to the animal oracle for my personal use. I just love this deck of cards. There has never been a query - big or small - that I have put out there that it has not answered in some way, even if it's telling me to look harder. (I often move from the animal cards to reference books such as the AnimalWise books by Ted Andrews). The more complex the spread, the more cumbersome and confusing it can become but that doesn't mean one is limited to a one card answer. I often use the three card spread for a better perspective of the query. With the plant oracle, one card is sufficient for me - and is sometimes overwhelming. But then I'm an herbalist so could be drawing on the multitudes of the plant/herb which can be contrary indeed! :-) I continue to learn from this deck.

In the end, I think we unconsciously choose or are guided towards the tool that is most appropriate for the purpose at hand.

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