DAO Augurs/Omens: Do they apply to the here & now?

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DAO Augurs/Omens: Do they apply to the here & now?

Post by Boadicea » 21 Aug 2013, 01:36

Do the traditional augurs and omen meanings for the animals in the DAO apply (either still apply in this time, or may apply in a non-Britain location) to life as we see it? For example, when we see a raven do something in the sky that makes it stand out as an omen to us, do the meanings in the DAO book apply to that? Especially in reference to the fact that some of those legends/myths are very old, and also in reference to those of us who don't live anywhere near England/Ireland/Scotland/Cornwall/Wales? For example, some of those animals don't exist here in California whilst some do, but are of specie types that are unique to this land... I hope the way I worded this question isn't confusing. Any opinions would be appreciated :)


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