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Postby Willowen » 24 Jan 2014, 20:18

:raven: The card didn't appear in a spread but I was drawn to this card today. Bran brings healing for me and my sister today. I've always felt a kinship with these magnificent birds. They've always brought me comfort in times of strife. Dwelling on a past that I cannot change is destructive. It is time to let it go and focus on the blessings of today. :butterflies:
I understand the "resolution of the opposites." "We can come to a resolution of the conflict of opposites--experiencing the reality that in darkness there is light, and in light darkness," p. 67. The Goddess is with me and I feel protected even during the dark times.
The death of my old life and this new life I have to face can be turned into a very positive thing. I shared this epiphany of sorts with my sister(Until now she hated ravens) , and I think it really helped her. There is definitely some good magic about! :poof:
Yours by the fire :warm:
Willowen :wolf:
"The Way itself is a strengthening of spirit, a growing closer to the balance that governs the world. Progress is slow along the Way, but every step of the journey is like a note in the oldest tune of all. When you have the tune complete, you complete yourself." from Moonheart by Charles De Lint

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Re: Raven-Bran

Postby Aphritha » 24 Jan 2014, 21:43

How ironic! I drew this card as my daily today.
The issues came early in the day. My husband's had lots of trouble at work lately; there's a pair of individuals that have been hamstringing everyone. My husband went to the boss about it, and was basically told to blow it out his shorts, despite having significant seniority over the parties in question. His hours had even been cut over it. It effects our whole family, as he is the breadwinner, and very much the solar energy of the house(fire sign, of course). When he's down, we all are.
I kept reminding myself of the Raven's message this afternoon, that light comes out of darkness. I helped him write a letter to his boss that him and his coworkers(other than those two particular clowns)can sign. Hopefully he can transform an unpleasant situation into a positive one; he used to really enjoy his job before Thing 1 and Thing 2 showed up. We're trying to use the destructive potenial of these people to turn things around again...

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