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Spirit animal guides

Posted: 26 Oct 2015, 18:52
by Corvid
I've been reading Trance-poration and the author mentions spirit guides and spirit animals. I asked for the Kindred to help me find my spirit animal guide through the Druid Animal Oracle and pulled the Sow card (inverted).

The Sow is a symbol of Generosity, Nourishment, and Discovery. The inverted meaning according to the book: "The sow can also represent greed and "pig-ignorance." You may need to work toward understanding of the subtleties of life. Judge people or propositions on their true merits and intrinsic worth rather than their outward appearance."

The next day I was listening to old Druidcast podcasts and without reading the show notes, I picked one at random. I chose Episode 78 (I think it was 78) where there was a focus on pigs in Celtic mythology.

I wasn't expecting a sow, but interesting. When I can get some quiet time to meditate we'll see what comes to me! I really love this set of cards.