Druid Source Book.. and delving back in.

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Druid Source Book.. and delving back in.

Post by bayemtur » 21 Aug 2010, 09:01

Hi All,

Way back in the late '90's I started learning of Druidry, read a bunch of books, did the Intro OBOD Bardic package and was initiated at a Summer Solstice gathering in California. Shortly thereafter, life took a turn and all things Druidry went into storage. Recently digging through boxes I came upon the gwersi and The Druid Way by PCG, alas the rest of my books are nowhere to be found. So needless to say I reread the gwersi and the Druid Way, and am itching to delve back in. I just ordered The Book of Druidry by Ross Nichols and am looking at other books to order online. There are 3 books in particular by John Matthews that I would like to hear some opinions on before I order them:

The Druid Source Book
The Celtic Seers' Source Book
The Bardic Source Book

...if anyone would be so kind to give opinions/reviews/criticisms of these books it would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Druid Source Book.. and delving back in.

Post by DaRC » 23 Aug 2010, 16:34

I've only got the Celtic Seers Source Book but found the articles and content inspirational and would consider it necessary reading if you're interested in Celtic divination.
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