Brander: The Faerie Realm Chronicles Vol 1

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Brander: The Faerie Realm Chronicles Vol 1

Post by Twyrch » 07 Feb 2013, 17:23

This is a book I wrote, drawing on my own imagination and the history of the Druids.

I have a thread dedicated to the press release, ... 63&t=41474 but that doesn't give you information about what the book's about.

"Brander is part one of a series called the Faerie Realm Chronicles. It is a coming of age story about a boy named Ian Prescott. Ian's destiny lies within the past he cannot remember and the future he can only imagine. Descended from the ancient Druids of Britain and Faerie Realm royalty, only an ancient family relic and the magic wielded by a Scion of Faerie will be enough to save the realm from an insidious mage and restore the Queen of Faerie to her rightful throne.

Driven by an ancient family covenant and a desire to unravel the mysteries surrounding his past, Ian joins his cousin, Drew, on an adventure into the Faerie Realm. Together, they must restore the Queen of Faerie to power and fulfill their ancestor's sacred trust. Only through this journey, will Ian discover the truth about his past, as well as the truth about himself."
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