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FAQ Astrology

Postby Creirwy » 26 Aug 2006, 22:30

Theres been a lot of talk about astrology recently, courtesy of pluto being/not being a planet. And I think its shocking how so many people comment on astrology without actually knowing what it EXACTLY is. Not what you THINK it is about.

So, for druids that want to have informed decisions based on truth, please explore these links and learn the idea and concepts about astrology. Just a few links to get your brains working, to dispel some illusions and have a whole new list of things to look at.

Please dont agree with them - just argue amongst yourselves with accurate information.

Thank You


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Postby Alasdair » 26 Aug 2006, 22:40

What!? Pluto is not a planet!? The entire foundation of my education has been shattered.. blah!  That memory trick doesn't work anymore..   :-(

Dair Ciúin
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Postby Dair Ciúin » 27 Aug 2006, 01:49

Thanks for these links, my lovely.

Astrology is definitely a fascinating system to explore - very scientific, and really quite unique from other forms of divination.

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