Simple basics - Fire Signs - Aries Leo Sagittaurius

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Simple basics - Fire Signs - Aries Leo Sagittaurius

Post by Crystal Dragon » 21 Nov 2006, 16:35

Rather than listing each Fire sign separately, I thought it might be best to put all 3 together and then anyone who has a Fire Sun sign, Ascendant or Moon placing can post here. Also, anyone who knows a Fire sign is welcome to post here - what type of person are they and how does the Fire element affect them? If the Sun sign and Ascendant are different signs, how does one affect the other? Please also refer to the Element of Fire thread together with the other element threads.

Fire sign people tend to be energetic and enthusiastic about life.

ARIES     21st March - 20th April      Symbolised by The RAM           Spring
(The symbol and time of year can also provide clues about a sign)
A CARDINAL Fire sign - Cardinal signs like to try new things and/or start new things
Ruling planet - MARS - physical energy, initiative, confrontational
(The ruling planet also contributes characteristics to the sign)
Body area associated with this sign - the Head

LEO        23rd July - 22nd August       The LION         Summer                    
A FIXED Fire sign - fixed sign people are very set in their ways and views
Ruling planet - The SUN - Energy, self expression, vitality
Body areas - heart, spine/back

SAGITTAURIUS    23rd November - 21st December     The ARCHER        Winter
A MUTABLE Fire sign - mutable sign people like to go with the flow, they are easy going
Ruling planet - JUPITER - expansion : intellectual and physical, confidence
Body areas - hip, thighs, liver.

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Post by Night Hawk » 22 Nov 2006, 22:32

That's really interesting. Thank you for sharing. :)
I'm Sagittarius.  It's a very powerful sign. It's interesting that it falls in Winter & is a Fire Sign. A mixture of Fire & Ice, so to speak. Strength & creativity.
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Post by Donata » 22 Nov 2006, 23:01

You haven't lived until you have 2 daughters with Fire signs! One is an Aries and the other is a Leo, complete with mane of hair. Life can be intersting!

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Re: Simple basics - Fire Signs - Aries Leo Sagittaurius

Post by mradam83 » 13 Feb 2012, 13:48

I'm a Leo and that is spot on!

Our household is completely "Fire" - I'm Leo and my partner is Aries. Imagine when we have barneys!


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