Int: Derivative House Technique

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Int: Derivative House Technique

Postby sushimimi » 01 Dec 2006, 02:00

Ever have a situation where you'd like a glimpse of what could be going on with someone in your life, but you don't have their chart?

"Derivative Houses" is a term used to describe when one (Person A) uses their own chart as a substitute for the chart of someone else in their life (Person B) by rotating the natal (of Person A).

Here is a general list of givens to start with:

1st house = you; grandparents
2nd house =
3rd house = brothers & sisters
4th house = your mother (alt. your father)
5th house = your children; romantic partners
6th house = employees who work under you, aunts & uncles; small pets
7th house = permanent partners (including business partner); spouse; open enemies; grandparents
8th house =
9th house = teachers
10th house = your boss
11th house = your friends; organizations you belong to, and the members thereof;
12th house = hidden enemies; hidden allies; hidden significant others; aunts & uncles; large pets (horses)

By "rotating", it means to bring the house that rules the one in question, to the left, and read the chart from there using it as the new Ascendant.

For example (you really should have an actual chart in hand to best grasp how to do this), if you wanted to read the chart of what is happening with your mother, you would rotate your chart clockwise until the 4th house comes to the left, and then read the chart as if the 4th house cusp was the Ascendant. From there, your 5th house is read as her 2nd house, and your 6th is read as her 3rd, etc.

This works quite well when working using transits! :)

One addition to this technique that some astrologers use is in the case of multiple beings, they assign the original house to the first/eldest, skip a house(2nd), then assign the 3rd to the next person in line, skip a house (4th), etc. So for brothers and sisters, you'd read your 3rd house as your eldest sibling, the 5th house as the next eldest, etc.

Enjoy! :D
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Re: Int: Derivative House Technique

Postby Bracken » 12 Mar 2010, 11:30

I think this could produce some really interesting results, sushimimi. Cheers.

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