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Rune Website

Postby Corvin » 22 Feb 2009, 05:09

All about Runes Here:

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Davin Raincloud
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Re: Rune Website

Postby Davin Raincloud » 22 Feb 2009, 10:10

Hey...very cool! Thanks for sharing. Just from squizzing it, it seems to be quite comprehensive. :germ: :toot: :dryadia:


Re: Rune Website

Postby Pecha » 06 Feb 2010, 08:26

I know you posted this a while back but I thank you for it. In peace.

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Re: Rune Website

Postby Dragonwyst » 27 Mar 2010, 13:55

it's for slow pokes like me to find eventually...... :where: :yay:

Golden Eagle
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Re: Rune Website

Postby Golden Eagle » 14 Apr 2010, 17:34

Hmm... Is it just me, or does anyone else have issues with a site which states that when making your own runes, pyrography is a no-no, but you should use your own blood instead!?!?!?? 8-)

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Re: Rune Website

Postby Silverleaf_Willow » 15 Apr 2010, 00:35

does anyone else have issues with a site which states that when making your own runes, pyrography is a no-no, but you should use your own blood instead!?!?!??
I think as in all things, your mileage may vary.
It has been a long time since I've been to that web-site, and I didn't remember some of the statements made there. I tend to be wary of people who quote "tradition" as being the only true way. And that being said, I also agree that many traditions have a base in truth and a real reason why that is probably lost in history (and may or may not apply to modern day use)

I believe the original owner of Sunnyway did find pyrography as acceptable but advised one to scrape out the charred parts so that the rune could be stained or painted.
Marking with blood probably has all kinds of energy and magical qualities, (not to mention an easy accessible source of colour) but if one works with "Intent" it may have the same quality (again, personal opinion).

Using blood in ceremonial magic doesn't deter me....
it depends on why and how one is using it
being told I can't do something or that I can't do something my way, does
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Re: Rune Website

Postby AlexTheTraveler » 03 Apr 2015, 19:33

I was just thinking about where to go for good divinatory meanings of the runes when I saw this. While I'm not used to inverted runes having any special meaning the site does provide an interesting way of looking at upside down runes in a reading. Thanks for the link!
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