Advanced Posting Techniques

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Advanced Posting Techniques

Postby Selene » 25 Mar 2007, 22:41

Many thanks to Lizzy for drafting these helpful hints!

How do I make the box appear around something I quote?

If you want to quote something in a thread, just press the 'quote button' in the upper right corner of the post you want to quote and it will take you to the posting screen. Inside you’ll see the quoted part already there. Now, it will quote the entire post, so you have to delete the parts you don’t want quoted. If there are several bits you want to quote, be sure to start each bit with the words in green, below (the "select all" is for your convenience if you want to copy the code):

Code: Select all

[quote="fill in name"]
and end with (the green part, again)

Code: Select all

If you’re not sure it looks okay, press the 'Preview' button to see if you got it right before submitting your post.

How do I insert a URL or link to another Internet site?

If you want to place a link to a site you found interesting in your post, just copy the URL, select it in your post and press the 'URL' button. Again, to see if it works correctly, press 'Preview.'

If you don’t want to put up a long link, you can give it a name yourself by doing the following. Type your own name and press ‘Preview.’ You’ll see the name you gave the link, but it is an active hyperlink and it will go to the website you specified.


Code: Select all

[url=]The main OBOD site[/url]
looks like this when posted:
The main OBOD site

How do I add a picture to a post?

Complete instructions are here: ... 25&t=24482

Can I make an indented list of several items?

If you want to make a list of some things in your post, just type the things you want to list, like for example;





Then select them and press the 'List' button, you’ll get them in perfect order beneath each other, like this:
  • apple



For a bulleted list, precede each item with [*], as shown below:

Code: Select all

[list][*]apple [*]banana [*]pineapple [*]coconut[/list]
appears as this when posted:
  • apple
  • banana
  • pineapple
  • coconut
Again, press 'Preview' to make sure your post is correct.

If you want to number them, use the 'List =' button after selecting them. Add a 1 after the = and precede each list item with [*]. What looks like this when you compose it:

Code: Select all

[list=1][*]apple [*]banana [*]pineapple [*]coconut[/list]
will look like this when posted:
  1. apple
  2. banana
  3. pineapple
  4. coconut
Can I edit my post once it's posted?

Yes, and you should if you want to make changes. A lot of people start a new post if they want to change something, this isn’t necessary, because you can edit your own posts by pressing the ‘Edit button’ in the upper right of the frame of your own post. Now you’ll see the screen as it was when you were composing it and can change anything you like. When you’re finished, press ‘Preview’ to check and hit the ‘Submit’ button.

Can I delete a post I didn't intend to make?

Yes, you can, but ONLY if no one else posted after you submitted your post. However, as long as you’re the last one to post, you can delete your post by pressing the ‘X button’ on the upper right side of your post. You'll be asked if you’re sure to delete this post; press ‘yes’ and it will vanish.

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