How to add an image to your signature block

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How to add an image to your signature block

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Many thanks to Dryadia for writing this for us!
1. Click 'User Control Panel' in upper right corner of page and open in one tab or window. (keep open and add to it later)
2. Click 'Profile' on left side under 'Options'
3. Click 'Edit Signature'
4. Then open any thread as if to make a regular post (in another window or tab), and click on the file attachment 'browse' button (found below the text box where it says 'Upload Attachment', Click 'add the file', to upload the image from your PC.
5. Click 'preview' to see that it works.
6. Then right click on the image, and choose 'properties', which opens a box.
7. Right click the top line which says 'location', and choose 'select all', then copy and paste that link between the [img]imglinkgoeshere[/img] codes, which you can now place in the control panel signature line box. (img button is on the top row, above the box where the text goes).
8. Click preview at the bottom of the control panel sig line box, and it should (theoretically) work.
9. If it works, click submit.
10. Then just close (without saving) the other window or tab where the images were uploaded.

Please also see this link about 'Signature Block Standards' for important information about image size limits, number, etc.: ... 25&t=21023

Good Luck! :clover:

:dryadia: /|\