Voice of Heaven Chanelling Meditation

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Voice of Heaven Chanelling Meditation

Post by Templetree » 23 Jan 2011, 06:14

Really root yourself in the forest, draw a circle around you, bless the four elements in each direction. Bless your spot with love. Get your feet about shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, back straight, breathe slowly & deeply, fill yourself with the Earths energy filling you up from beneath, cup your hands over your head to make the energy fill your whole aura. Imagine a glowing orb beneath your feet, connecting you to the earth. Feel you base chakra, glowing red, feel the orb spinning inside you, glowing strong, feel your sexuality & passion being charged by the earths power. Move up to between your hip bones to where you feel an orange orb glowing strong, spinning, creating the seat to your prajna, feel this orb glow sure & bright. Move up to the middle of your stomach, to where a yellow orb spins brightly, the centre of your prajnic force, feel the yellow radiate filling your body with warmth. Move up to your heart, where a green orb spins radiantly, chant Hom as you breathe out. Move up to your throat chakra, where a blue orb spins healthily, feel the cool surity radiating, Chant Aaaahhhh as you breathe out. Move up to your third eye chakra, feel an indigo orb spinning in your brow, filling your brain with beautiful peace & vision, chant Ohm as you breathe out. Move up to your crown chakra, feel the spinning orb just above your head, glowing violet, connecting your vision from The Heavens. (x)Reach your hands to The Heavens, breathing out giving all you are to The Heavens, breathe in, pulling down with all your might Heaven to earth, filling your entire body with a golden waterfall, pull your hands down to your crown chakra together in prayer to charge & bless your crown chakra breathing out, breathe in bringing your hands closed in prayer to in front of your third eye, chant Ohm on the exhale... breathe in The might of Heaven, bring your hands together in prayer to your throat chakra, breathe out chanting Ahhh, breathe in the might of Heaven bringing your hands together in prayer down to your heart, chanting Hom on the exhale. Breathe in, Point your hands together to the earth & scoop into the earth, digging deep to give yourself to the earths magic with the exhale, breathe in & pull the energy up the back of your legs, up the back of your stomach, then bring your hands together in prayer in front of your heart, bringing the earths energy through your stomach/chest as you bring your hands round to the prayer position in front of your heart, then reach up to The Heavens again & repeat from (x). Repeat in groups of three, recommended (basic Chi Kung, combined with Meditation). Jump up & down lightly to shake up the energy in you. Sit comfortably on the earth, feeling the earth fill you, with your hands cupped over your head for a few breaths. Really feel your crown chakra glowing brightly, feel the centre of your crown chakra gaining awareness with every breath, really focus on all your chakras being strong & bright, creating a wonderful rainbow between you, The Heavens & the earth. Breathe gently, hold a quartz crystal in both hands...on the left hand with the point pointing in....on the right hand with the point pointing out.... feel the energy circulate around your being, allow your mind to empty.....hear the divine voice of Heaven:). Feel the orb beneath you connecting you always with the earth, enjoy the cleansing meditation. Do a Salutation to The Sun, followed by the Cobra, then The Cat (yogic postures) & then lay on the earth on your back with your hands by your side and relax every muscle in your body from head to toe, with every breath. Breathe deeply. Feel the forest around you, filling you with light & wisdom. Feel the light of awakening consciousness filling you with strength & The divine voice of Heaven, to guide your way safely. Make a big Celtic Healing Spiral in the air to cleanse & protect your aura. & Smile:).

Lots of love,

Caroline. xxxxx

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Re: Voice of Heaven Chanelling Meditation

Post by Donata » 24 Jan 2011, 19:58

Lovely! thank you.

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Re: Voice of Heaven Chanelling Meditation

Post by Huathe » 25 Jan 2011, 06:07

I can so visualize doing this.
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