What do you think she meant?

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What do you think she meant?

Post by Ra3vyn » 26 Jun 2011, 17:37

Hi all,

I wasn't sure where to post this exactly so I hope I'm in the right forum..

Before I ask my question, a bit if background info..
After seeing a psychic medium for the first time ever, who was amazingly spot on with everything (she picked up on my migraines and told me they were caused by my neck and lower back being out, I didn't know what to think of that but I made an appointment to see a chiropractor later the following month, who checked me, told me my neck and lower back were out and pelvis was tilted, and after putting everything back in, the migraines disappeared and haven't come back!)
She also told me that my Grandfather is with me, is proud of me and that I am carrying on the Family Pride (I have been researching our Family tree for over 10 years and love my whole Family a great deal) she also described his personality, that he was a Digger and very proud of the fact and that his right knee was better and it didn't bother him anymore. I thought ok fair enough, I wasn't able to let her know how accurate she was about most of that as my Grandad died 6 years before I was born. I did know, however, that he had served during WWII and that due to his age at that time and the fact he had a large Family he could have been exempt from service but chose to go so he could 'do his bit'
Later though, I told my Mum everything and asked if he'd ever had problems with his right knee, she said when she was a girl she and her parents had been in a car accident in which her Father's right knee had been injured!

Anyway, after the initial comment about the migraines,(which she said she could actually feel along with aching in the lower back and sore and stuff neck) she looked at me curiously and asked if I had Tarot Cards because she could see them around me. She found it very surprising as she'd never seen Tarot Cards around someone before.
I shook my head, said I had Druid Animal Oracle Cards but she no, they were definately Tarot Cards.

My question is, would anyone have any idea what Tarot Cards around someone may mean?
I am Empathic and have had some very interesting experiences spiritually speaking so could there be a possible link there?
Any ideas or thoughts much appreciated as it has been on my mind a fair bit lately.
:hug: and Blessings
Ra3vyn :)

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Re: What do you think she meant?

Post by Turtle » 26 Jun 2011, 23:00

Well, I think if you tried your hand at tarot reading you'd probably be good at it before too long. It would not be a far cry from working with other divination card decks like the animal oracle.


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Re: What do you think she meant?

Post by Arcanum » 27 Jun 2011, 05:51

Perhaps your spirit or essence popped up on someone's tarot deck?

You may not know them, but you are connected in some way....

For example, my sister-in law's friend text'ed her asking if my wife was pregnant. The funny thing about it is that the text was about the time of the ultrasound - only my wife and the doctor knew at that point...

So there are other people that are connecting to you, you may not know them, or have ever met them, (in this life anyway). Try to connect with this person. Think of it as a reverse-lookup - if that makes any sense.

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