Seeing strange things

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Seeing strange things

Post by Annaoj » 12 Oct 2011, 14:25

Hello, I hope this is the right area to post this. I think that something "seer-ish" is probably an explanation.

When I close my eyes, I 'see' strange things. Not see with my eyes, but with my mind, and they are never anything to do with what I have just been doing or saying. When I say strange, I don't mean three-legged unicorns, etc, just completely random things or people I don't know. They are always in great detail and I can never work out why they are there in my head.

I thought everyone has this, but I happened to mention it to my husband and some friends yesterday, and none of them get it. They just report seeing colours and the negative image of the light and the usual things behind the eyelids.

For example, if I close my eyes now I 'see' . . . smooth grey stones and moss. Absolutely not been in my conscious mind at all today.

Do you get this too? Does anyone know what it might be, and how I could explore it further?

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Re: Seeing strange things

Post by mark the compost elf » 17 Oct 2011, 13:26

Firtsly, don't worry about it - it happens to me as well and i am #twitch# perfectly #twitch# twitch # normal....
In all seriousness i wouldn't woryy about it until it starts to overlay on tiop ofyour concuous mind - that can be a litllebit unnerving while driving etc, but with a few simple measures you can check that as soon as you know what it feels like.

In some cases i have had mini prophetic visions, places that i have yet to see, but the details match perfectly when i arrive there - even down to things like moss covered stones. In some cases it is a prophetic vision that shows you how something is likely to run.

It really depends on what you want to develop this for. i, for example, use it when making a staffs - to garner a picture of the spirit anrd the best use of it's potenial in shaping, i also use it when reading cards etc or even how a flock of startled buirds arcs ion to the sky. sometimes they only read as a word, a feeling that will match up later, utother times it goves you a good sense of when to avoid something / which path to take when next you have a decision to make.

IMO the easiest way to control this is to prcatise achieving 'Rigpa' as the tibetian buddhists call it - look for the space between thoughts while meditating and try to dwell there as long as you can - it is is a hard concept to grasp and it is hard to stay in rigpa, but you will know when you achieve it, even for a few seconds.

once you can go past the detailed yet not always useful blurb that somehow finds it's way in to your head and know what thoughless stillness is, you can start to grasp more meaning from the images that fall behind your eyelids. You can even use it to great effect when scrying.

To my mind, the images etc are only there because you have a strong natural or developed connection with the energy flows of all existance, almost as though a part of you is both a door way and the visitors that step through it, at the same time that you are you.

Does that help?
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